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Click here for more information on the Provider Portal functions and training documents.

Behavioral Health Secure Portal

Click here for the Cenpatico behavioral health portal.

Registration Help

If you are having trouble with your registration, you may need to submit a non-par set-up form. Visit our Become a Provider page to get started. For further assistance, you can call our Secure Provider Portal Help Line at 1-877-647-4848.

Create your own online account today!

MHS offers you many convenient and secure tools to assist you. To enter our secure portal, click on the login button. A new window will open. You can login or register.

Creating an account is free and easy. 

By creating a MHS account, you can:

  • Verify member eligibility
  • Submit and check claims
  • Submit and confirm authorizations
  • View detailed patient list

Please note that Clear Claim Connection does not provide an all inclusive listing of claim edits. MHS does utilize additional prepayment review edits in keeping with NCCI procedures and guidelines.